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Stitch Builder

Though crochet stitches (meaning the individual stitches rather than a pattern) can be complicated, and suffer from differences in naming, they are made of a fairly limited selection of sub-operations. This page is a little "builder" applet that can present the series of operations required for common, rarer, and theoretical stitches, from menu choices. Many of these stitches are regularly encountered, others rarer, and some are theoretical "extensions" of the processes used to generate more regular stitches, and as a result, some may have more value than others. I do hope you enjoy and it inspires.

The sub-operations can be summarised quite quickly: yarns over; picking up stitches (loops) by inserting the hook into the fabric; and drawing a loop from the tip of the hook under one or more of the other loops already on the hook. Unless otherwise stated, description starts with one loop on the hook, following an earlier stitch.

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Crochet stitch diagram and instructions