Susan Invaders: Help


Susan Invaders is easy to play. Just click on the Susans to remove them. Every Susan that disappears before being shot down survives and reduces your life total by one.

Once you have removed enough Susans, you will proceed to the next level, and the level of Susan menace increases. The more menacing the Susan, the more points it is worth.

Collect special bonus items that appear occasionally for bonus and healing effects.

Dramatis personae

This Susan is easy to dispatch, but can still overwhelm you by numbers.

The backbone of the Susan armada, you must track these mobile Susans down.

An evasive Susan, this. You will need a sharp eye to take down this menace.

This Susan has a surprise in store. Shoot it down, and it spawns two more.

Catch this Susan if you can. It's tricksy.

The first truly dangerous Susan. If not stopped, it will release more Susans, and quickly.

Silent but deadly, this one. No special attack, just fast moving.

Again, silent but deadly. This miniature Susan is hardly around long enough for you to get to it.

A dangerous foe. This minelayer Susan leaves a trail of Susans in its wake.

A truly awesome Susan. Once grown to full size, this Susan explodes in a shower of deadly Susans.

Rumours exist of semi-legendary Susans of terrifying power at higher levels.

Bonus items

Provides extra life points.

Stuns all Susans, slowing them and providing a pause before the arrival of the next one.

Slow the appearance of new Susans for the current level.

Reduces the number of Susans you must hit before you progress to the next level.

A score bonus, but it's not free: Collecting this invokes new Susans.

Swaps score points for life points. The number swapped becomes higher at higher levels, but each also becomes more costly.

A smart bomb which destroys all currently visible Susans.