Differentiating wild and farmed salmon

How reliable is human judgement?

Hi! Iím Jennifer Murphy-OíConnor, a Spanish student at Stirling University and Iíd like your help for my final year project in marine biology. Itís about farmed salmon escapes into Scottish rivers.

  • Salmon escapes are an accidental side effect of the aquaculture industry.
  • Some people worry about the changes they may cause to wild fish.
  • The recapture of farmed salmon by anglers is reported but we just donít know how accurate the data is.
  • How good are anglers and biologists at telling farmed from wild salmon? I want to find out!

The Survey

You can visit the survey here.

Can you help me?

I need photographs of line-caught salmon in all kinds of conditions so I can develop a survey to investigate how people identify fish and how anglersí perception affects the interpretation of farmed fish escapes.

What can you do?

Please send me photos of line caught salmon. Any condition is accepted.

Also, if you would like to get involved in my questionnaire, please provide your name and email or phone number at the email address below.